Spam Gallery–Your Credit Card Is Blocked

The Spam Gallery is a series of posts that give examples of spam messages, explaining telltales signs of how they are spam.


Another simple piece of spam.  This email has a single link to do its work, and like all others, takes you to a site that is not VISA.  Understand that VISA itself doesn’t not manage credit cards, banks do.  You would get a notice from the bank that handles your VISA card, and that would be a phone call, not an email.  So, what wrong with this email?

  • No personal details like name, “account ending in xxxx”, etc.
  • No one says a credit card is “blocked”.
  • Poor grammar throughout
  • The spammer lives in an area where periods and commas are reversed, like Eastern Europe ($1.345,50=$1,345.50)
  • No logos or other disclaimers like you would find in a company email.  Light purple is not a typical highlight color.
  • VISA doesn’t manage credit card transactions, banks do.

I can’t even give a closing recommendation for this.  There’s no reason to click the link out of curiosity or misplaced urgency.  The poor grammar in the message should be enough to convince you the email is fake.