Spam Gallery – Manager

The Spam Gallery is a series of posts that give examples of spam messages, explaining telltales signs of how they are spam.


This email is clearly spam.  The numerous spelling and grammar errors throughout should be enough to discredit it completely.  Some of the mistakes are strange and humorous.  “Up to 50,000 USD per annum”, after which I guess your pay simply stops?  “Vacant educational training”? “PayPal Manager”?

This spam falls under a similar type as online dating scams, where you voluntarily give information to the scammers.  If you send your resume to this email address, they have quite a good leg up on stealing your identity.  If they want more, they can simply say that you are hired and ask for your SSN and banking information for payroll.  Then what?

This email has no contact information.  There is a name, which is unverifiable.  There is a company name, which doesn’t match the domain of the email address ( is a free email host).  There is no address, website, or phone number.  This is just like other “single choice” emails, where you can only do one thing in the email, and that is exactly what the spammer wants.

Beware of too-good-to-be-true offers.  If this was a job offer, wouldn’t you want to research the company first?  There’s no links to the company website.