Spam Gallery–Diliver Your Package

A colleague and I were talking at lunch recently about spam and how clever spam and phishing attempts are getting.  But still, there is still so far to go.  One of the biggest failures of spammers is their sheer stupidity.  If they’re going to use a template from a well-known company, why do they insist on changing the wording of the email?  These people don’t have a grasp of the American English language, much less what professional business correspondence looks like.


Starting with the misspelling in the subject, the horrible grammar continues throughout the message.  The point of the email though, is to inform that one of their trucks “is burned tonight”.  This is not a typical business email.

And this spam email suffers from the same problem as every other one.  How did you get my email address? How do you know the package is mine?  I have to assume that people believe that everyone just knows your email address somehow.  Anyone sending you a package seems to implicitly know your email, since UPS and FedEx are sending me package delivery failure email notices all the time.