Command-Line Arguments

AntiDitto can be launched with command-line arguments.


Available arguments

  • Folder(s) – Any argument that doesn’t begin with a slash or dash is evaluated as a directory.  If it is a valid directory, it is added to the folders list.  Multiple folders can be specified  as separate arguments (spaces between them).  Directory paths with spaces must be surrounded by quotation marks.
  • /profile: (-profile:) – Specifies which test profile to use.  This is a text match of profile names in the test profile drop down.  If the test profile has spaces, the name must be enclosed in quotes.  For example, /profile:”test profile”.
  • /recursive (-recursive) – If this switch is specified, the recursive checkbox will be checked.  All folders specified will be searched recursively for images.
  • /start (-start) – Begins the image scan immediately.