Reboot 2012

It seems every year around the holidays, the 700cb family of websites gets some attention.  Most likely because that is when the hosting account renews.  This year, the sites have moved to their own server, which allows much more flexibility in what can be installed, configured, managed, and broken.

Since the loss of my blog hosted on the former, I haven’t had an outlet for technical postings.  Now that I have this blog available on the 700cb server, I will repost many of my former SOAPitstop posts (from 2007-2009) as well as some more recent posts I’ve created on a corporate Intranet.  You’ll find a distinct difference in tone and delivery since the SOAPitStop posts were written for the public while the Intranet posts are for close coworkers.

So, like rebooting a computer, this is an opportunity for a fresh start, with renewed performance.  Welcome to the new 700cb blog.