Choosing A Test Profile

The test profile defines how AntiDitto matches images and determiens if they are duplicates.  The choice of test profile is using the dropdown list in the command panel.


When you choose a profile, a tool tip will appear when hovering over the dropdown list providing a description of the chosen profile.

Standard profiles

AntiDitto comes with some basic profiles that will serve the general needs of most users.  The profiles provided are:

Exact Copy

This profile compares the file hash of two images.  The hash will be different if there is any binary difference between the files.  This includes image metadata as that affects the bytes of the image.  This is the most restrictive test possible, save for comparing filenames in different directories.

Visually Exact

This profile compares the visual component of two images.  Size is not considered, so a resized, but uncropped, image copy will match the original.  Some small amount of recompression will pass the test as well.  Variations in color or tone should not be matched.

In general usage, this profile is the most useful, so it is sorted to be first in the list.


This profile is a more relaxed image match and will match two images that are very slightly cropped, and have minor color variations.